A Website
I guess I have a blog now

My previous site was written completely from scratch. It gave me a valuable understanding of web fundamentals, but as my time grows short, I needed something with a little more tooling built in. Still, I wanted tools that I could understand. After working extensively with Go in my work at Meta, I felt I had a good enough understanding of its templating system to commit to using it as a the building blocks for my own website. Hugo seemed a great candidate to build my site off of, and it would be a great test run for what would eventually become the foundation of Meta’s “new” website, at least in the backend generation.

So, I cobbled this together using bootstrap and some other bits and pieces from around the web. Since it’s a static site and will be hosted on Github Pages, comments need to be handled externally. I’m working on getting comments up and running using Discourse on my Digital Ocean droplet, but after running into some roadblocks getting that up and running, for now I’ll somewhat begrudgingly be using Disqus.

I plan on posting new and potentially retrospective content on here as my increasingly scarce time allows me to explore things on the side. Hope you enjoy!