I've been building things all my life

I am an entrepreneur, computer scientist, and full-stack software engineer with a track record of delivering on ambitious projects. At Diffeo I’m building search and discovery tools to uncover the hidden connections in the world’s information. Meta was acquired by Diffeo in late 2016. There, I led the development of a scalable cloud architecture as we built a brand new search experience.


VP Engineering and Co-Founder, Diffeo

September 2016 - present

Building search and discovery tools that use collaborative machine intelligence to solve the challenges of disparate data. My focus is on expanding our platform as a robust set of cloud services, providing the power of Diffeo on a broader scale and building a data platform connecting the world’s information.

CTO and Co-Founder, Meta (Acquired by Diffeo)

January 2015 - September 2016

Developing a cloud platform that brings the power of a search engine to a user’s own files. Architecting a service-based backend to provide a single user experience for file search and organization. It analyzes files with a similar intent to how a search engine would analyze the web, providing SmartTags based on found concepts and ideas.

Head Developer and Co-Founder, Peck

Fall 2013 - January 2015

Won the annual Williams College Business Plan Competition and hired a team of 5 to work out of Lever. Lead development of a mobile app for iOS and Android with Ruby on Rails backend. Now live on the iOS App Store. Peck is a social calendaring service for college students providing information and event-based communication.

Winter Intern, New Signature

January 2014

Designed a system for knowledge management and intellectual property creation for diagnostic, configurational, and procedural toolsets with goals of internal efficiency and expanded services in the field of IT consulting.

Filmmaker, Berkshire Productions


Founded a filmmaking and videography business with more than 160 jobs for over 40 clients, learning about marketing and content creation, and a wide variety of cinema technologies, hardware, and software.

iPhone app development, Williams College Computer Science Department

Spring 2013 - present

Created an app, HungryEph, to provide a simpler and more intuitive interface for daily and late night snack bar menus that uses data scraped from the existing online dining resources. Currently in use by Williams students.


Compiling Interpreter for x86 machine code written in ARM assembly language

Created the fastest interpreter in my Computer Architecture class by compiling translated instructions of the x86 instruction set into mapped sequences of ARM instructions allowing for much faster runtimes than a standard interpreter.

Replicated Hosting within a P2P Marketplace

Forked the OpenBazaar project in its earliest stages to emulate a hosted site environment within a P2P network. Used a Kademlia distributed hash table to facilitate replicated storage of a user’s site across multiple peers.

Electric Powered Off-Road Vehicle

Hand-fabricated a full-suspension metal frame from raw steel tubing. Designed the power train electronics system, used CAD software to design and fabricate control board, motor mount, and drive train assembly.


Williams College 2016’

Majoring in Computer Science

Selected Coursework: Distributed Systems, Data Mining, Computer Architecture, Principles of Programming Languages, Mobile App Development, Intro to Cryptography, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision

TA: Principles of Programming Languages (Spring 2015), Intro to Computer Science (Fall 2013, Spring 2014)


Computer Science: Objective-C, Swift, Ruby, Java, C/C++, Python, Bash, Assembly Language, Distributed Systems, iOS Development, Relational Databases

Other Interests: Metalworking and Fabrication, Woodworking, Piano (15 years), Williams Cycling Club, Williams Sailing Team, Williams Nordic Ski Club, Hiking, Film