• Electric Powered Off-Road Vehicle

    Hand-fabricated a full-suspension metal frame from raw of steel tubing. Designed the electronics system for the power train, used CAD software to design the motor and control board mounts and drivetrain assembly and create custom fabricated parts.

  • Replicated hosting within a P2P marketplace

    I created a fork of the OpenBazaar decentralized marketplace project in its early stages to emulate a hosted site environment within a P2P network. Used the Entangled implementation of a Kademlia distributed hash table to facilitate replicated storage of a user’s site across multiple peers.

  • Compiling Interpreter for x86 written in ARM

    Created the fastest assembly language interpreter in my Computer Architecture class for large programs by compiling instructions read commands of the x86 instruction set into mapped sequences of ARM instructions which allowed loops to be executed much faster than if they had to be interpreted every time.