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Williams College - Class of 2016

Major: Computer Science

Favorite Coursework: Distributed Systems, Data Mining, Principles of Programming Languages, Computer Architecture and Organization, Mobile Application Development, Introduction to Cryptography, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision for Digital Cinema


CTO and Co-Founder, Meta

January 2015 - Present

Developing a cloud platform that brings the power of a search engine to a user's own files. Architecting and implementing a service-based distributed system that interfaces with user devices and other cloud services to provide a single user experience for file search and organization.
Working in Go and Python and deployed on Google App Engine.

Head Developer and Co-Founder, Peck App

Fall 2013 - January 2015

Peck App Store Link

Started a company after pitching at and winning the annual Williams College Business Plan Competition. Formed a team of 5 other CS majors, paid to work full-time last summer. I lead development of full-stack mobile application for iOS and Android with a Ruby on Rails backend, taking part in creating every piece of the project. Four servers run the webservice in a distributed environment and the application is now live on the iOS App Store. Peck is a social calendaring service for college students providing information and event-based communication within groups. I designed a robust system for repetitively scraping websites of any format for reliable integrations with the front end of any existing calendaring system.

Winter Intern, New Signature

January 2014

Researching and beginning implementation of a system for knowledge management and intellectual property creation for diagnostic, configurational, and procedural toolsets, with goals of internal efficiency, expanded services, and competitive advantage in the field of IT. Created an online advertising campaign mirroring ongoing sales initiatives.

Filmmaker and Founder, Berkshire Productions

2007 - Present

Founded a filmmaking and videography business built around client relationships and purpose-driven media that furthers an organization’s message and goals. Completed more than 160 jobs for over 40 clients, learning about a wide variety of cinema technologies, hardware, and software in the process.

iPhone app development, Williams Computer Science Department

Spring 2013 - Present

Created an app to provide a simpler and more intuitive interface for daily and late night snack bar menus that uses data scraped from the existing online dining resources.


Compiling Interpreter for x86 assembly written in ARM assembly

Fall 2013

Created the fastest interpreter in my Computer Architecture class for large programs by compiling instructions read commands of the x86 instruction set into mappes sequences of ARM instructions which allowed loops to be executed much faster than if they had to be interpreted every time.

Replicated hosting within a P2P marketplace

Spring 2014

Created a fork of the OpenBazaar decentralized marketplace project in its early stages to emulate a hosted site environment within a P2P network. Used the Entangled implementation of a Kademlia distributed hash table to facilitate replicated storage of a user’s site across multiple peers.

Microcontroller based Motorized camera dolly

Fall 2013

A motor-controlled dolly to make smooth-tracking video shots. Physical components designed in CAD and build using a laser cutter. Programmed Arduino and stepper motor controller to operate the system.

Electric Powered Off-Road Vehicle

Summer 2011 - Fall 2013

Hand-fabricated a full-suspension metal frame from raw of steel tubing. Designed the electronics system for the power train, used CAD software to design the motor and control board mounts and drivetrain assembly and create custom fabricated parts.